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Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Impact of New Google + Twitter Features on Marketing

It appears as though Google and Twitter have teamed up again, much to the benefit of those using Twitter to enhance their marketing efforts. The partnership means that user tweets soon will automatically show up in Google search results.

In the past, Google manually crawled Twitter and indexed specific tweets. With the new partnership, all of your tweets will be indexed by Google and will show up in Google search results. This opens up marketing opportunities for small and large businesses. To put it simply, the change means that your tweets will have now the potential to reach a much larger audience than before.

The change will be perfect for small businesses that do not have the resources to efficiently promote tweets.

“I have an extremely small staff and marketing budget. As a regular user of Twitter, I am pleased to know that my tweets will have a much better chance at being found,” said a Minnesota expungement lawyer and owner of a small business.

Tweets will now have an extended lifespan. In the past, a tweet only had significant visibility during the time period in which it was positioned at the top of the Twitter feed. Now the tweets will have placement on Google search and can attract niche users for a much longer period of time.

The partnership might be extremely beneficial for Twitter in regards to its number of users. By offering users the chance to enhance the visibility of their tweets, Twitter may attract an abundant amount of new users. Twitter and Google actually teamed up in 2009 for a similar endeavor but the changes never came to fruition.

Engineers from both Google and Twitter are reportedly working on the changes now and they are expected to become active in the first half of 2015.