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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


More and more, advertising agencies are scrambling to be on the cutting edge of everything — to understand new technologies, have deeper insights into smart devices, and combine the digital and physical worlds in new ways. In reality, many clients are receiving lots of lip service and little action. That’s about to change. Humdinger & Sons is coming out of stealth mode to reveal a new kind of shop: a video and design agency, birthed from the archaic land of big advertising, focused on helping emerging startups and technologies build, launch and grow their brands.
Nicolas Will and Andrew Berg, Humdinger’s co-founders, built their careers in San Francisco and New York City, respectively, working on some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Nike, Google, American Express, P&G and Dolby. After going through the mill, Humdinger has taken the expertise and know-how, dropped the setbacks, and applied its unique knowledge to the startup world.

“We’ve worked in both agencies and startups, and have seen a huge disconnect,” said Nicolas Will, Humdinger co-founder and creative director. “The business models of each are oil and water — big agencies demand big budgets. They’re slow, layered with fat, and don’t have their pulse on emerging technology.”
But, startups have the most upside,” added Will. “These clients are new brands, new ideas, in a new world. They’re not unwanted stepchildren— they’re juggernauts in the growth stage, and they’re the future. We get it. And them."
“Focus creates advantages all around, and our business model just makes sense — in both the short and long run — for everyone involved,” said Andrew Berg, Humdinger co-founder and account director. “Consumers are engaging products and services differently — while most agencies aren’t.”
 “A multi-million dollar budget to create impactful work isn't always necessary,” added Berg. “It's industry insights and understanding, paired with captivating content built on a new platform, that enables us to give fledgling brands an edge. It’s David vs. Goliath out there — and while Goliath is putzing around trying to update his firmware Humdinger is slinging digital bombs.”

Humdinger has also forged strong partnerships along the way — including RetailGroup, Capture Films and industry connector Greg Heinemann’s strategy hub, Titus Oates — to deliver a full complement of services to clients. The approach is paying dividends. In a year and a half, Humdinger already has a strong client roster, including miCoach — the Adidas line of wearable technology; Northern Grade — the first true Made in America pop-ups celebrating New American creative with cool, cutting-edge fashion and home goods; Ilumi — a whole-home LED Smartbulb featured on “Shark Tank” and backed by Mark Cuban; and Equil — a Smartpen that recently became one of the top funded campaigns on Indiegogo; as well as more than a dozen other ambitious products and services. 

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