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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Why New Marketers Should Use Personal Branding for Business

Personal branding is the process of promoting your professional image across multiple outlets. Professionals have used personal branding for years in order to obtain career opportunities or to drive traffic to their personal website.

One technique that has been discussed among marketers more often than before is the use of personal branding as a marketing tool for a separate business. This means that more employees are using their personal social media accounts to support the company they work for or own.

Using one’s personal social media pages to promote their company benefits both the company and the individual. Not only are they building awareness for their company, they are improving and promoting their personal reputation as an industry expert. This will only help them in the future if they are jump hunting, etc.

If you utilize personal branding to promote a larger organization, employers will be impressed by your initiative and willingness to use every resource you can find to enhance the marketing strategy of a company.

If you have not thought about using your personal social accounts to promote the organization in which you are employed, it might be time to consider it. Your employer will be moved by your inventiveness and your organization can benefit greatly from your work. The marketing potential of personal branding is limitless.