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Friday, January 02, 2015

The Importance of Social Sharing Buttons in Your Email Marketing Efforts

If your brand uses email marketing to keep in touch with your clients, you should be providing those subscribers with a way to share your content on social media. This practice can help you quickly and easily increase your social media followers, your website traffic and your number of email subscribers.

“The best practice is to combine your email marketing and social media marketing campaigns,” said Andrew Rice, local marketer and owner of a Minneapolis SEO Company. “Send emails to your subscribers that are relevant, unique, entertaining, and just plain interesting. The next step is to ensure that your subscribers have a way to share your content on their social media accounts.”

The most popular option for marketers hoping to spread their email marketing message is to utilize social sharing buttons. Social sharing buttons have become increasingly popular recently. In fact, they are truly a necessary feature for those wishing to increase their brand awareness, social media following and website traffic through email marketing.

“I have been utilizing email marketing for several years now by sending my customers monthly newsletters. I saw an opportunity to enhance that form of marketing by implementing a social media campaign at the same time,” said a spokesperson for a commercial appliance repair company. “I placed social sharing buttons within the content of my emails and, instead of placing all of my copy in the email, I placed summary paragraphs with a ‘learn more’ link leading to our Facebook page (where I placed the entire article).”

Ochs began to see a major increase in his search engine traffic and he experienced a 60 percent increase in subscribers. In fact, the vast majority of his new subscribers were not customers at all. Because of the social sharing buttons, his customers were able to share his articles on social media and greatly increase his brand awareness for him.

It must be noted that Ochs did not build awareness for his social media brand simply by adding social sharing buttons to his blog articles. He did it by wring articles that were relevant and interesting. Because his email subscribers liked his articles, they decided to share it with their social media followers.

"If you want social media users to perform marketing work for your brand for free, consider placing social sharing buttons in your email marketing campaigns. They are incredible easy to use and, as long as you provide your readers with great content, they are very effective," said financial advisor and marketing professional, Tom Dasher.