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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Founder of Renters Warehouse Crashes Company Site so They Build a New One

When Entrepreneur broke the news that the founder of Renters Warehouse was retiring just after his 27th birthday, a tidal wave of traffic caused the company’s website to crash. So the folks at Renters Warehouse decided now was a perfect time to redesign their site and create a new TV campaign. Built in-house,, features a clean and responsive design that is easy to navigate and focused on self-help for its customers. The first batch of spots introduces Renters Warehouse’s newest spokesperson, RW. The residential property management company knew they found the right guy for the job because RW is witty, handsome, originally from the company’s hometown of Minnesota and his real name, Roger Wayne, just happens to be the initials of Renters Warehouse. Transparency is paramount to the success of Renters Warehouse. In this two-minute spot, RW introduces Renters Warehouse’s four teams of Professional Landlords who help make renting properties easy, fast and worry-free: Number Crunchers, Match Makers, Problem Solvers and the Protectors. RW is the new face of Renters Warehouse, adeptly touring people through the endless benefits of renting their homes.