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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Clarity Coverdale Fury Releases 2015 THINK Report

Clarity Coverdale Fury, a Minneapolis-based advertising agency that has been studying Conscious Consumer trends for three years, has released their 2015 THINK Report. It is their second report on the Conscious Consumption movement, providing findings and implications from a national study conducted with Mintel to understand consumer attitudes, behaviors and purchase intent. It also provides practical applications for how marketers can reach America’s millions of Conscious Consumers.

The report introduces segmentation models that marketers can follow to understand and reach their target audiences, and even introduces a new purchase continuum—The Conscious Consumer Engagement Scale—which uses principles of behavior change to identify a new phase that marketers can leverage to increase Conscious Consumer loyalty.

A new purchase continuum
Consumers are making buying decisions based on factors beyond just product attributes, and marketers who only promote product benefits may not address these deeper emotionally-driven needs. The purchase continuum introduced in the 2015 THINK report takes into account that the path to purchase isn’t a linear line, but rather a complex process. In the Conscious Consumer space, this new understanding of consumer behavior requires that marketers and brands adjust their approach.

“The Conscious Consumer Engagement Scale includes a new phase—relapse—which would not have a place in the traditional buying scale. But now that we are not just talking about products, but behaviors, it’s a missing link that marketers need to consider,” said Clarity Coverdale Fury’s President, Rob Rankin.  

Rankin also emphasizes the role of coaching when advertising to this group,
“Marketers are more successful when they’re not only selling a product, but supporting a lifestyle. Conscious Consumers are looking for marketers to help them make their behavior changes.”

Using examples like Chipotle®, Whole Foods® and TOMS® as brands that have gained loyalty from consumers by actively supporting and contributing to their lifestyle, this THINK report provides coaching on how marketers can engage with Conscious Consumers in each stage of this new continuum.

“As our world changes, and people start looking at products differently, it is imperative that we as marketers change our perspective on how people do business and what they are looking for from brands. By rethinking a tried and true model, we are growing alongside these consumers,” said Associate Director of Brand Development, Molly Hull.

The 2015 THINK Report is available to download for free via Clarity Coverdale Fury’s website and can be accessed here.