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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

VocalEssence finds a new voice through new brand platform, logo and tagline

VocalEssence — the iconic choral ensemble that has enchanted audiences for decades — turned 46 this year, and as often happens around this age, the arts organization found itself doing a little soul searching. Today the organization introduces a new brand platform, including a logo and tagline.
“VocalEssence embarked on a journey to explore the core of who we are, what we do, and where we see ourselves in the future,” says Mary Ann Aufderheide, VocalEssence executive director. “To help us navigate, we formed a committee of members from the VocalEssence Board, staff, singers, and trusted friends, and enlisted consultants including Brand Tool Box, REPLACE, and Dialog Studios. In the end, VocalEssence has found our new voice and direction for the future. And now that we have found it, we want to tell the world about it.”
The choral group’s new branding goes beyond the fresh logo and tagline. At the core of its message is a brand statement describing the work VocalEssence sets out to do: As a leading Minnesota arts organization, VocalEssence uses the power of choral music to enhance our community by producing innovative vocal music events that stir people’s souls. It’s a mission VocalEssence has been delivering on since its original inception as The Plymouth Music Series in 1969.
Of course, no brand refresh would be complete without a new tagline. The new VocalEssence mantra? “Together We Sing” — a statement that embodies the belief that choral music strengthens the community, and emphasizes the message that those who sing together can succeed together.
The brand’s new colors — blue and orange — represent a stable and responsible organization (blue) that anchors vibrant new music and educational programs that light a spark in the community (orange). The left side of the logo represents the technicality and discipline of reading notes on a page, while the right side delivers the dynamic, emotional and passionate aspects of singing.
 “Bringing those elements together exemplifies the uniquely beautiful, soul-stirring music of VocalEssence,” adds Aufderheide. “We are very excited about our new look, representing both tradition and new energy for the future. The coming together of the two style elements celebrates the inclusiveness that is VocalEssence. Concerts, classrooms, community everyone is welcome!”
VocalEssence will roll out its new look in concert programs, communications and online with a brand-new website, optimized across platforms for computer, tablet, or mobile phone.