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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Risdall Adds New Project Manager Position to Operations Team

Risdall adds Don Eitel to its operations team in a new project manager position. In Eitel’s role, he will evaluate, redesign and manage the company-wide processes for handling projects, planning schedules and organizing resources across all departments, as well as work on client accounts. This will allow for a more efficient workforce and will give Risdall leadership the tools it needs to plan for organizational capacity and growth.

The services that Risdall provides bring the entire suite of communications and marketing disciplines to product launches, branding, reputation management and more. Eitel’s work in unifying processes is especially important for Risdall’s clients because the agency solves all types of business-level needs.

“What I hope to accomplish at Risdall is to make the process simple and everyone’s jobs easier so they can focus more on the clients,” Eitel said.

The improvements Eitel makes will aid Risdall’s efficiency, helping the agency and clients meet deadlines and strengthen collaboration between departments. Eitel describes himself as a proactive leader who can see the bigger picture, but can also dive down to the level of detail that projects require.

“Risdall is constantly looking for ways to evolve so we can continue to achieve success for our clients. Don’s eye for operational excellence will help to streamline our processes and increase our efficiency,” said Jennifer Risdall, chief operating officer at Risdall. “With more than a decade of leadership experience, Don brings an original approach to managing projects, making him a great asset to our operations team.”

Eitel specializes in marketing, branding, social media and logo design, with web design knowledge in WordPress, Drupal and static HTML pages. He brings 12 years of business management experience working in entertainment businesses including Mu Performing Arts and Starting Gate Productions.

During his seven years at Mu Performing Arts, Eitel was instrumental in guiding the organization to a greater local and national profile, helping establish Mu as a leader in its field. He oversaw a period of 50 percent growth during the economic downturn and maintained fiscal and organizational stability while guiding the company through a leadership succession plan.

The switch from nonprofit work to an agency setting was a big career move for Eitel, but Risdall’s history as a family-owned company makes it a good fit for him.

“There’s a good vibe here. You can tell that everybody that works here wants to be here,” Eitel said.

Eitel holds a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in guitar performance.