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Monday, September 08, 2014

3 Marketing Tips to Build Your Online Following

Successful online marketing is no easy accomplishment.  There is an incredible amount of competition today due to the rapid increase in the number of businesses moving to the Internet to find new customers and leads.  In fact, reports that marketing teams will spend $135 billion in digital marketing this year alone.  In addition, almost half of companies have an online content marketing strategy and more than half have increased their digital marketing budget.  So how do you stand out in a world of fierce online marketing competition?  Below I discuss a few marketing tips to help you build your online following.

Create interesting content.  If you have studied digital marketing, you have surely heard this tip many times.  It is obvious advice, correct?  Well you would be surprised how many bloggers and social media marketers do not follow it.  What is considered quality content, anyway?  It is simply content that grabs a user’s attention.  Writing weekly blog articles for your website is a great way to get started.  In my opinion, the best content is both funny and educational (although I need some training on the funny aspect of my writing.  Hopefully you have a more humorous mindset than I do).  You should not only write articles, however.  Be sure to create content via podcasts, infographics, interviews, videos, and webinars as well for the best results.

Your main website is the most important online instrument for turning visitors into customers.  These days, you hear a lot about social media marketing.  However, I think that although marketing through social networking is important, I do not believe it should be your primary focus.  Social media marketing should be just one of several vehicles used to drive traffic to your main website.  Use social media to promote your quality content but do not spend too much time trying to sell your product or service.  Advertising should only account for about 20 percent of your social media efforts.  The rest should be about pushing interesting content that will grab the users’ attention.  If you make a robust, interesting and user-friendly website, you will impress your visitors and you will have a better chance at ranking higher on Google and other search engines.  (To learn how to make an effective website, I recommend reading these tips). 

Make use of social icons.  Hopefully you did not misunderstand my last tip about downplaying social media marketing.  Yes, I do believe that it should not be your main focus but I do not underrate its value.  Social media is probably the best way for users to share your quality content.  If you place social icons so that your readers can share your blog articles on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, you are essentially allowing them to market for you.  If you create and place an entertaining video on your website, for example, users will want to share it with their social network connections.  This can make your content go viral and will result in a huge amount of traffic to your site.  Even if these users do not become customers, the extra traffic will boost the reputation of your site and you will see more prospects in the long run.

If you are thinking of creating an online marketing strategy, use these marketing tips to build your online following.  If you build your online following, you will begin to see an increase in sales as well.