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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

GdB helps local software company ‘Pump up the JAMF’

More and more companies are allowing employees to use their Apple devices for work. And the software most often used to manage and secure all those devices?  The Casper Suite from JAMF Software.
That’s the focus of a 60-second video created by Minneapolis-based GdB, in which mild-mannered ‘IT Bob’ is transformed into ‘Roberto’, as he saunters through a corporate office, managing and securing Apple devices with the coolness of a Spanish bullfighter. 
“There’s a history of IT and the workforce having an adversarial relationship,” said Mike Devine, JAMF Software Director of Marketing. “This video shows how Apple and the Casper Suite changes all that, so IT pros can go from managing problems to managing productivity.”
The video is part of multi-faceted online campaign targeting IT professionals. 
Since 2002, JAMF Software—and the Casper Suite solution—have made it easy for businesses, schools and other enterprises to use and manage Apple devices in their organizations. Find out why more than 4,000 businesses and schools rely on JAMF Software to manage 3,000,000+ Apple devices across the globe at .