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Friday, May 30, 2014

New ‘Big Bugs!’ exhibit scurries to the Minnesota Zoo

One TV spot shows a 5-year-old girl literally dragging her mom kicking and screaming to the ‘Big Bugs!’ exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo. Another features a dad who's locked himself in the bathroom while his young daughter stands outside the door saying, "Come on dad, let's go see the big bugs." Dad replies, "I hate bugs, they make me cry, and they're scary." Then suggests, "I was thinking that we could maybe go see a princess movie instead."

This is all part of the ‘Big Bugs!’ campaign. Following the success of last year’s ‘Dinosaurs!’ exhibit, Clarity Coverdale Fury was charged with finding a creative way to again bring the magic of the natural world to life to promote this year’s ‘Big Bugs!’ exhibit. Through a multimedia campaign including print, outdoor, radio, TV, animated banner ads and a fully-wrapped ladybug Volkswagen Beetle, the campaign centers around the idea that while “you may not like not like big bugs, your kids will.”

One of the centerpieces of the campaign is a 60-foot tarantula spider – hairy legs and all – wrapping itself around a large billboard. In animated banner ads, small bugs forming the words, ‘Bugs!’ scatter when a huge stag beetle skitters into frame.

The ‘Big Bugs!’ exhibit features 13 giant animatronic bugs, a live bug display and fun, interactive elements. From bombardier beetles to seven-spot ladybirds (also known as ladybugs), the free (with paid Zoo admission) exhibit showcases a bug’s life and why bugs are important.

Running now through Labor Day, summer is the perfect time to explore, learn and have fun at the Minnesota Zoo!