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Friday, April 11, 2014

New work from Clarity Coverdale Fury empathizes with smokers who want to quit

Clarity Coverdale Fury released a new campaign for longtime client QUITPLAN® Services this week. The campaign follows 18 months of research on how tobacco users want help to quit. It acknowledges that they know they should quit and want to quit, and highlights how QUITPLAN Services provides free quitting support while leaving the lecturing and judging behind.

The “No judgments. Just help.” multi-media campaign coincides with the launch of new service offerings, including tools like text messaging and emails. To reflect the idea of “all new,” the campaign uses stop-motion animation, a different production style than QUITPLAN Services has used before. The hero characters in the spots experience the types of judgments that are part of the daily life of smokers, and QUITPLAN Services comes to their rescue with help like free phone coaching and a free starter kit of nicotine patches or gum.

“It’s no secret that almost 70% of smokers want to quit and have tried multiple times to break the habit. Our research uncovered that smokers are frustrated by failed attempts and feel they’ve tried everything,” said Clarity Coverdale Fury Associate Director of Brand Development, Molly Hull. “QUITPLAN Services has broken the mold of what traditional tobacco cessation programs have offered by giving tobacco users the kinds of help they really want, which includes being able to access services using their cell phone. This campaign promotes that ground-breaking help, which also happens to be free for Minnesotans, in a way that smokers really related to in focus groups.”

The campaign departs from the focus on health effects that is prevalent in tobacco cessation advertising, instead relating to the social pressures tobacco users experience. The message of the campaign, “No judgments. Just help.” encourages people to try to quit again, an effort that is more likely to be successful if they get help.

“The current smoker has been beat down. Beat down by television. Beat down by the public. By their doctors, family and friends. And while everyone means well, it was time to put shame aside as a tactic. It was time to be positive,” said Clarity Coverdale Fury’s Associate Creative Director, Emily Hoyne. “Tobacco users do not need reasons to quit. They need to be inspired that they can quit.”

The new campaign includes two TV spots, radio, print, out-of-home and online components, including many elements in Spanish. 

A sample of the work can be viewed here.