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Monday, March 17, 2014

The BrandLab and Minnesota Public Radio are co-hosting the third in a series to discuss race and opportunity in business

The BrandLab and Minnesota Public Radio are co-hosting the third in a series of Fearless Conversations on race and opportunity in business. This session will be moderated by Minnesota Public Radio Daily Circuit host Tom Weber and will feature Alfredo Martel, SVP, Caribou Coffee; Mike Fernandez, corporate VP of community affairs, Cargill; and Carla Vernon, business unit director, General Mills.

Statistics show people of color are under-represented in the marketing industry — not only in the Twin Cities, but nationwide. This opportunity gap is fed by persistent and often subtle forms of bias, which flourish largely due to the industry's failure to have open, honest conversations about race. The BrandLab is bringing this discussion out into the open.
“There's an urgent need to reflect diversity in marketing, and conversation is going to be key to making a change,” says The BrandLab's executive director, Ellen Walthour. “Even well meaning firms can let longstanding biases get in the way. Identifying those roadblocks starts with talking about things that might make us uncomfortable.”

Minneapolis nonprofit The BrandLab is on the cutting edge of change — not only locally, but nationally. Supported by more than two dozen national and international corporations and agencies that call the Twin Cities home, The BrandLab is working to change the face of advertising and marketing — literally. This first-of-its-kind group is wholly committed to reflecting America's racial diversity in their industry's work, its workplaces and its workers—quickly. 

April 17th, 5:00-7:30 p.m.
Networking at 5:00; conversation from 6:16-7:30. 

The Illusion Theater
528 Hennepin Ave. #704

Tickets for this Fearless Conversation are available only at Eventbrite.