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Friday, March 14, 2014

QUITPLAN® Services’ Sleek New Site: Setting a New Industry Standard for Tobacco Cessation

Long considered a model for providing tobacco cessation services, QUITPLAN® Services has launched a new and completely redesigned web site,, as a gateway to free help for all Minnesotans who want to quit tobacco. 
The site offers multiple tools, access to services and volumes of content to give 
tobacco users the kind of help they want to quit. The site launch coincides with new offerings from QUITPLAN Services that respond to insights revealed in formative research: Tobacco users seek out different ways to quit, and want to be able to choose from lots of options that might work for them. 
“The new is a fresh online experience that removes judgments and provides positive support for tobacco users. We know smokers want to quit, and we don’t need to convince them of that. Instead, we’re motivating them to make an attempt by providing a site packed with tips, techniques, interactive quizzes and the support to stay motivated. Beyond the content on the site, visitors can choose from a variety of services, including new text messaging and email programs that appeal to a digitally-savvy smoker,” said Kathy Schlecht, Director of Interactive for Clarity Coverdale Fury. 
The new website has also been fully translated into Spanish, further expanding accessibility to 
QUITPLAN Services. In addition, the site is fully responsive, allowing access via desktop, mobile and tablet. 
Launched in 2001 by ClearWay Minnesota, QUITPLAN Services originated as a phone helpline, with an online program added in 2003. Today, QUITPLAN Services provides access to all tools in both English and Spanish at or by calling QUITPLAN Services at 1-888-354-PLAN.