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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How @Skype stole nearly $200 dollars from me!

If you follow my Twitter feed you may have seen me trying to contact Skype about some charges that came through on my account that I didn't authorize. My hope was that I could rectify the situation through Skype customer service, but since my account has been hacked I have no way to log in. I looked everywhere for a phone number or a way to contact customer service directly. The only thing I could find was their Twitter account. What ensued was a series of frustrating posts:

The good news was that Skype was active enough on Twitter to notice my mention of them. And they
 started following me so we could Direct Message.

From January 14 to January 20 I had the above conversation, but have not heard from them since my post on January 20 requesting a refund. Has anyone else had problems with Skype? Send me a Tweet and be sure to mention @Skype! Lets make some noise!


So I received this response from Skype this morning:

I would like to let you know that we are on it and looking into your concern. I have already involved our Anti-Fraud Department to let them investigate further what exactly caused the issue of the seemingly overtaken Skype Consumer account “ ryandmay “ and the fraudulent charges made for purchasing  Skype Products. This account is currently blocked to avoid further misuse, no one can access it for the time of the investigation. We will need some time to investigate in-depth, as we would need to talk to our Payment Service Provider ( the one that verified and processed the charges ) about it as well.
Please be so kind and bear with us, and please be patient until I reach out to you again, with latest news and updates on the issue.


Refund Received!

Proving once again that Twitter is the answer to all customer relations problems, my issue has been solved. In just three days vs. the weeks it took me before bring this issue to the blog. I am disappointed that it took so long to resolve, but happy that I am getting refunded my money. Thanks @Skype and @SkypeSupport!