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Friday, January 10, 2014

Campbell Mithun promotes Steve Arndt to COO and announces newly hired staff

Minneapolis ad agency Campbell Mithun promoted chief financial officer Steve Arndt to the role of chief operating officer and bolstered its team in the fourth quarter to support organic growth going into 2014. Hires were focused in the areas of technology, social media, analytics, digital media and recruiting.
“I am honored to announce Steve Arndt’s promotion to chief operating officer,” said Rob Buchner, chief executive officer. "Steve has been a strategic force and an awesome partner as we future-ready Campbell Mithun. He's a creative business operator with a keen sense of what's in the best interest of our clients and employees.  His steady hand and clear-headed decision making are paving our way forward."
Arndt joined Campbell Mithun in 2001, was promoted to chief financial officer in 2007 and has steered the agency’s investment in growth and operational strategies (including a 2010 merger, innovative offerings such as the agency’s OdinRTB trading desk, and its planned relocation in 2014), while maintaining an enviable position of financial stability.  His prior experience includes a decade of serving global clients as a senior leader in KPMG’s information, communication and entertainment practice.
“I am bullish about the market position of the agency moving forward.  Our ability to solve marketing challenges for clients through creativity and marketing sciences, both behavioral and data driven, puts us in a very unique spot,” said Arndt.  “This has driven organic growth in 2013 and we plan to further these investments in 2014.”
New year, new employee faces
In recent months, Campbell Mithun has hired seven new staff members to join departments across the agency.  Given their digital credentials and responsibilities, several of the new employees will contribute to the agency’s analytics practice, which also includes a growing team of dedicated staff. 
“Growth demands that we tune our talent composition to the progressive edge of communications," continued Buchner.  "I'm pleased to welcome these curious minds to the Campbell Mithun family."
·         Andrea Brazelton, interactive media strategy supervisor: Though a Minnesota native, Andrea recently relocated from North Carolina where she worked at McKinney on Nationwide Insurance, Nationwide Financial and Mizuno brands. She also spent time at Medthink, a healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing agency. When asked what she couldn’t live without she replied: “Paper and a pen. I need somewhere to write down thoughts, notes, dreams and corrections – or I end up scribbling on napkins with lipstick.”
·         Patricia Erskine, interactive media strategy supervisor: Over the past six years, Patricia has contributed to explosive growth of and Expedia brands by leading digital media planning, research, creative development and econometric/media-mix analysis efforts across online and brand channels. Two of her favorite quotes: “Say hello to my little friend” (Scarface) and “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it” (Thatcher). 
·         Travis Galloway, senior developer: Recent software development projects for Travis include work for United Hardware Distributing Co., Be the Match, TempWorks Software and Target. He says he couldn’t live without “Chips and Salsa. Maybe my family. Depends on how long it’s been since a meal.”
·         Gloria Ledebuhr, talent acquisition specialist: A savvy recruiter with experience in corporate and agency settings, Gloria most recently served CBRE’s client accounting services group and, prior to that, was lead recruiter for 3M’s Consumer and Office business division.  Her biggest pet peeve: “Bad drivers – especially bad drivers in really nice cars.”
·         Charlie Poey, senior project manager:  Charlie has put a left-brain, right-brain combo of art and technology together throughout his career, which most recently includes eight years as project manager and engineer at Target Corporation.  One of his favorite quotes: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn.”
·         John Schmit, designer: Grounded in graphic design, John’s career has most recently centered on user interface design for Best Buy Corporation and creative production online design for Target. If he had to be in a talent show, he’d breakdance --- do the moonwalk.
·         Christopher Spong, community manager: Christopher served as platform expert and community manager for Target and as social media specialist at Lola Red PR. He couldn’t live without his five-month old Corgi, named Charlie Tuna, and enjoys photography, painting, alpine ski racing, SCUBA diving and running.