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Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Minnesota PRSA Professional-Amateur Day (Pro-Am Day)

This year's Minnesota PRSA Professional-Amateur Day (Pro-Am Day) is coming up on Friday, March 7. Registration is now open for professionals, and we hope you'll participate.

Pro-Am Day is an annual mentoring event matching PR professionals around the Twin Cities with PRSSA students in an effort to provide a day of job shadowing and networking for participating students to learn more about the PR industry. The job shadowing portion of the day is from approximately 9 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. with an optional speed networking event taking place later that afternoon.

Please consider participating this in this year's Pro-Am Day event by hosting a student. You'll be giving an eager student an experience he or she will never forget!

Suggested job shadowing activities for your student
If you're interested in hosting a student but aren't sure how to fill his or her time, there are plenty of activities that can both ease your workload and provide a valuable learning experience for your student. You can:

•    Review your student's resume or portfolio.
•    Share your own resume and/or portfolio with the student.
•    Conduct a mock interview with your student to preview what a real internship or job interview might involve.
•    Schedule a round of meetings where the student can learn more about each person's previous experience and responsibilities. Encourage your student to prepare interview questions for you and your colleagues;
•    Develop a media list or research a key media outlet for your organization.
•    Have your student participate in a brainstorm session, planning meeting or conference call.
•    Allow your student to participate in a writing project (news release, media alert or pitch letter, etc.).
•    Walk your student through some social media activities you are conducting with your clients.
•    Provide your student with key messages or press materials from a recent project and interview recordings. Allow your student to observe the recordings to see how messages come to life. Discuss your student's observations. Use print placements for a similar exercise.
•    Walk your student through all components of a recent project or initiative, from initial plans to media materials to placements and results reports.
•    Show and discuss a Classics entry your organization worked on and encourage your student to apply for a Student Classics award this year.
•    Have your student take your company's writing test (if available).
•    Allow your student to assist with a media kit stuffing or mailing.

Registration information
Please register before Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014. Please make sure to indicate whether you are interested in hosting a student, attending speed networking or both using the check-box menu on the registration form. Your student match will be sent on Friday, Feb. 28, 2014.

Any questions can be directed to Steve Bailey, Exponent PR (612-305-6271 We look forward to seeing you at Pro-Am Day!