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Friday, November 15, 2013

Minimalism: The Solution

In a world almost polluted with advertisements, the most important things to focus on are how to make your ad stand out, be noticed, and be remembered. While there are many ways to do this, my favorite is by taking a minimalistic approach.
            When designing an ad, many people have the tendency to over complicate their ads with far too many visuals and sounds. This can be overwhelming and cloud the true meaning and even the product in the ad. Personally, I think being minimalistic can lead to a stronger attention grab. For example, two consecutive pages in the A section of the New York Times were purchased and left blank, save for a small URL on the bottom of the second page. This was done as an advertisement for an upcoming film called “The Book Thief.”

Not only did this attract the attention of many readers, but it also was featured on many blog and news sites including the Huffington Post and Business Insider.
            This shows another benefit to the minimalist approach aside from just grabbing the attention of those looking at it. By using something as minimalistic as two blank pages in one of America's most popular newspapers, “The Book Thief” was able to attract the attention of blogs and news sites. This ad was able to generate additional, and more importantly free, promotion. This is exactly what every advertiser strives for.
            By getting others to talk about and share your ad, you are not only advertising in the traditional sense, but also you are advertising through word of mouth. This tool is one of the most powerful weapons that an advertiser can hope to get their hands on. Word of mouth allows your message to be spread much further than it ever could have through a more traditional approach.
            Clearly, taking a minimalistic approach can be very beneficial. By doing this, you can make your ad stick in someones mind as well as generating word of mouth. These two things together can help create a very effective campaign.