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Friday, November 08, 2013

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are, Your Online Presence Matters

As I scroll through my twitter feed looking for inspiration on a topic, it dawned on me. The first several tweets I scroll through the f-word is dropped, the next is a negative comment bashing the government and the next is a complaint about how bad the girl next to her in class smells.  I couldn’t help but think, what in the world are these people thinking before they post? I know as a PR student, it has been drilled in my head by professionals and professors about how important it is to create a strong online presence and to look at yourself as a growing brand. I know I personally read a tweet at least 10 times before posting, simply making sure there isn’t any mistakes within the 140 characters because you never know who will come upon it. My question is, what about these non-PR students, the ones that may not be as educate on the importance of this? I believe anyone with an online presence should be aware of what they’re posting.

I want to educate my friends and other students that it doesn’t matter your major, job or career, a negative online presence matters. Especially when it comes to how competitive the job market is, you never know what will be the deciding factor whether you’re hired or not. According to the Kansas City Business Journal, McKinney and Ross say, “Gone are the days of a one-page paper resume being the first and only impression an employer has of a potential new hire.” ( ). Don’t let the deciding factor you didn’t get the job be because your last tweet was about how drunk you were last weekend. It’s important, especially students, to understand the importance of tailoring their online presence.  Word to the wise, keep this in mind when you go post a 140 character twitter rant, or a drunken photo on Facebook. If you have to question if you should, you shouldn’t. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Devin Ward  
University of Minnesota
Jour 3279
Blog Assignment