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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Risdall Marks 20th Anniversary as a Digital Leader

This fall, Risdall Marketing Group (Risdall) celebrates 20 years in the digital space continuing its leadership as one of the first interactive agencies in Minnesota.

Ted Risdall, founder of the interactive division, envisioned Risdall’s possibilities as a digital agency and established the company as a frontrunner online. He recognized early on that e-commerce had a profitable future for businesses, proving the web as an effective new vehicle for advertising. Since launching the interactive division in 1993 with early work on and the Mosaic browser, Risdall has been a leader in developing new technologies and trends. 

Today, Risdall’s interactive capabilities include website design and development including mobile; search engine optimization; paid, inbound and local search marketing; and social media marketing and strategy. Recent clients include Par Aide, GoGirl, Allina Health and Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union.

“We have been through every stage of the digital technology revolution over the last 20 years and continue to adapt with changing technology to offer new possibilities to our clients,” said John Risdall, vice chairman and CEO of Risdall.

Risdall was recognized as the 2013 WebAwards Top Agency this year, winning 37 awards for website design and development. With well over a thousand custom websites created, Risdall integrates top design with functionality and cost-effectiveness. Looking forward, Risdall will strive to close the digital divide between generations by showing clients the magnitude of digital opportunities available.

“As communication channels evolve, speed and access is the key to reaching customers. I see us at Risdall as anthropologists, learning where our target users are and studying how they interact,” said Ted Risdall, chairman and president of Risdall. “Our focus on the digital environment has kept us at the forefront of the industry, and the journey is not over.”

Memorable moments in Risdall’s interactive history include:
  • Becoming the first agency in Minnesota to earn a silver level partnership with DotNetNuke (DNN) content management system provider in 2012
  • Annually achieving the highest certification from Microsoft as a Gold Certified Solutions Partner 
  • Consistent international recognition as a top WebAwards recipient, with 190 awards won since 1999
  • Early membership in the AT&T Creative Alliance Program, a group of the first businesses with national internet connectivity, established in 1994
  • Original work with Gopher, one of the first search browsers created for simple index searches, and Netscape Navigator, an early Mosaic web browser