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Monday, August 26, 2013

Upworthy - Things that matter. Pass them on.

Words are important. So why is it that we spend so little time thinking about them when we send out Tweet or Facebook updates? It seems to me that we need to pay more attention to EVERY word we use! A company that seems to understand this is Upworthy. Never heard of it? You will.
Upworthy is a new company that helps take worthy videos and make them viral. Have you heard of the song Clouds, by Zach Sobiech? Chances are if you heard it you would recognize it. What make this video so remarkable is that Sobiech died of cancer in May, Upworthy help his video raise more that $300,000 dollars for cancer research.

How does it work? Well, each week Upworthy editors scower the Web for new videos to promote. Do they edit, do they reformat, do they improve the All they simply do is change the headling to better represent the story being told.

The purpose of Upworthy is not to get people to visit their site but to share the content via social media.