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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Importance of Blogging: You Should Have Started Your Blog Yesterday

Blogs (“web” plus “log”) are a near necessity for brands.  A study by HubSpot’s Rick Burns found that brands using blogs generate “55 percent more website visitors, 97 percent more inbound links, and 434 percent more indexed pages.”

A blog can be used as your primary domain or it can be added to your website.  It is a perfect tool for regular updates and open communication with your followers.  It is easy to archive and organize and can also be used for other applications like podcasts, webinars, contests, and infographics.  Almost all forms of content can be posted on blogs.

A major benefit of blogging is that it creates User-Generated Content.  If you allow users to comment on your articles, they will share ideas and provide feedback.  Search engines will notice the interaction and this will make your site easier for users to find.  In order to attract user commentary, however, you must write and post content that people want to follow.  If the goal of your blog is to market your product or service, then create content that YOU would want to read.  If you have sold yourself on an idea, it is likely that others will be sold as well.

Marketer Arnie Kuenn offered useful advice regarding the creating of quality content.  “In every blog post, try to answer a question.  Why?  Because you don’t want to provide meaningless posts that prove useless to your readers.  Be a valuable source of information.”

Try to write atleast one blog article per week.  It may be difficult to think of content at first, but it will become easier through practice.  Once writing becomes routine, you may want to begin posting twice per week. 

My favorite article on business blog ideas – titled “50 Topics for Business Blog Posts That People Will Read” – is located here.