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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why You Should Create PR Content with Infographics

An infographic is a graphic that combines words and images to present information to a user.  They can include charts, pictures, graphs, and other examples of visual communication.  They are popular online because of their ability to make complex information easy to understand.  Why try to explain a complicated idea to an audience when you can draw it out for them?

When people have a hectic schedule, they probably do not want to consistently read lengthy articles for information.  These people will be drawn to infographics and, additionally, they will link to it, embed it, or post it on their social media page or website.  The infographic does not need to directly promote your product or service.  It is simply a useful tool that will generate inbound links from your followers who find it entertaining.  The visual content will also let your audience know that you are familiar with all aspects of the industry and that you have useful “inside” information.

Along with being quick and convenient, infographics provide limitless opportunities for being creative in your PR or marketing strategy.  To come up with a plan for an infographic, first think of a simple idea.  For example, if you are promoting a tanning company in Malibu, you might produce “Best Beaches in Malibu to Soak Up the Sun.”  In the infographic, you could have a few photographs of specific beaches that point to their location on a Malibu map.  Under the photographs, you could include tidbits of information about the beach.

Infographics are easy and are fun to create.  If you are not able to produce them yourself, they can be great mini-projects if you employ a graphic designer.  For a list of creative infographic examples, please visit this page.