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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adweek Honors “Vines 3-D” As Part of Most Eye Catching Ads on Billboards

First, a billboard covered in giant 3-D vines appeared in Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Columbus and Kansas City - local bloggers, TV news and radio stations lit up with speculation about the mysterious giant vines. A week later, tomatoes the size of Volkswagens appeared on the billboard. On week three, the 3-D board transformed, with the addition of giant Red Gold cans, revealing the secret of the mysterious giant vines and the reason Red Gold canned tomatoes have that fresh-off-the-vine flavor.

The billboard, “Vines 3-D” created by Clarity Coverdale Fury Advertising of Minneapolis for Indiana-based Red Gold tomatoes, was recently honored by Adweek as one of the most eye-catching outdoor ads in the last three years (Adweek, March 11, 2013).

Adweek’s Michael Bürgi wrote, “Minneapolis agency Clarity Coverdale Fury has tackled decidedly unsexy category,” referring to tomato products and honored the billboard with one of “the most visually fun and arresting work over the last three years.”

Creative Director Jac Coverdale said, “The teaser board captured people’s imaginations. It became a media event, resulting in 13 million additional impressions. Awareness of Red Gold tomatoes really jumped.”

Learn more about the feature here. 

Engulfing the entire billboard were 140 feet of vines, five tomatoes at five feet tall and 13 feet in diameter, with leaves eight feet tall and four feet wide. Accompanying the massive display were giant Red Gold cans measuring 16 ½ X 12 ½ feet.