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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Facebook News Feed Transformation Means for Brands

Facebook users are in for another change after the social media giant initiated a major modification to its News Feed.  The transformation will evidently make News Feed more mobile and visual-friendly by introducing larger photos and images, enhanced visibility for links, and an easier feed search.
During a press conference on March 7, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We want more than a single feed of content.  We want to give everyone in the world the best newspaper we can.  It should have high-quality public content and socially relevant content, and to drill into any topic."
            Zuckerberg added that nearly 50 percent of News Feed content is pictures and that 25 percent of the content comes from public posts.
            So what does the overhaul mean for your brand?  It means that News Feed will no longer simply be a location to place links to a blog or website.  Now it will be easier to use News Feed as a medium for creative promotion.  If you were promoting a product, service or idea on News Feed before, you had to compete with a clutter of mini posts and advertisements.  Most brands focused on words and links and used small images.  However, because the NEW format is heavily focused on visual content, you can be more creative with your images and make advertisements that are larger and focused on design.
            The new format will change the appearance of text as well.  Links and titles will be larger and you will be able to alter the font.  The change will make headlines look like those in a newspaper.  This will make it easier to catch a user’s attention.  Additionally, because News Feed will now look the same on a mobile device as it does on a PC, you can make your content strategy more mobile-based as well.     
            Facebook has already started transforming News Feed and there will be significant changes in the coming weeks.  You can add yourself to a waiting list if you want to try it out early.