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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Phillips Distilling Company Reports Rising Sales for UV Vodka and Phillips Vodka

Phillips Distilling Company (Phillips) today announces two vodka brands as top sellers. UV Blue is the number one selling flavored vodka in Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Phillips Vodka is the number one selling unflavored vodka in Minnesota. Results are based on a 52 week total compiled by U.S. Nielsen Scan Data.
Our company is growing rapidly; consumer demand continues to increase in the U.S. and we’ve recently expanded internationally with great success,” said Pedro Caceres, Phillips president and CEO. “We offer unsurpassed quality, flavor innovation and competitive pricing; we’re thrilled to see our brands at the top.”
Phillips is widely recognized as an industry leader, introducing Phillips Vodka, one of America’s first vodka brands, in 1947 and inventing America’s first flavored vodkas in 1950. Phillips launched the award-winning UV Vodka brand in 2001, introducing UV Blue among its first flavors. UV Vodka has been an IMPACT! Hot Brand Award winner for seven consecutive years.
UV Vodka and Phillips Vodka are distilled four times from Midwestern grain, purified with Minnesota water, active carbon filtered for unsurpassed clarity and unblended for optimal pH levels.
Phillips continues to establish brand presence internationally with recent expansions into China and Spain. Latin pop singer MalĂș has partnered with UV Vodka as Spanish brand ambassador.