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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PetChatz selects Harvest PR

PetChatz let's owners talk to pets
PetChatz, the first-ever system that lets pet owners remotely hear, see, greet and treat their pets from anywhere, has selected Harvest PR & Marketing, Inc., to manage its public relations and social media.

Based and made in Minnesota, PetChatz ( launches this year and features a wireless two-way camera pet parents install in their homes. Owners can then call their pets from anywhere, anytime on their smartphones, laptops or tablets to greet their pets, give a treat, discharge a soothing scent, and record and share videos.

Harvest PR will manage media relations for PetChatz as it premieres first at Minnesota retailers and then national pet stores later this year. The agency also will cultivate PetChatz’ social media channels, engaging with a national community of pet lovers and PetChatz customers as they develop PetChatz videos and share their experiences.

“PetChatz is a brilliant product that is going to change the way pet parents will be able to interact with their pets,” said Heidi Nelson, Harvest PR principal and founder. “And because no other product has addressed the human side of pet separation anxiety like PetChatz, it’s also a powerful story to share with media and social channels. We’re excited to be a part of it.”

“We love Harvest’s focus on promoting brands, organizations and individuals that make strong emotional connections with their audiences,” said Lisa Lavin, president and CEO of PetChatz developer Anser Innovation. “That’s PetChatz, which seeks to deepen the relationship owners have with their pets. Harvest and PetChatz are a perfect combination.”