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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Harvest PR Awards $25,000 PR Grant to the Partnership for Food Safety Education

Harvest PR & Marketing, Inc. has awarded its fifth annual Seed to Succeed nonprofit PR grant, valued at $25,000, to the Partnership for Food Safety Education, an organization founded in 1997 to educate Americans about the importance of consumer safe food handling and preparation to reduce the risk of illness. 

Harvest PR will support the nonprofit’s Fight BAC!® campaign, which teaches millions of consumers simple practices they can use to fight foodborne bacteria, and reduce their risk of becoming sick. 

“Even as U.S. food producers increase their focus on prevention-based food safety programs, it is important to remember that prevention must also happen in the home,” said Heidi Nelson, principal of Harvest PR. “We are eager to be part of this important health education movement, helping engage a larger – and younger – audience to reduce the rate of foodborne illness.”

For instance, Harvest PR will help the Partnership for Food Safety Education promote a new campaign set to launch this spring, featuring an interactive iPhone game that builds basic food safety concepts into fun and challenging gameplay for kids.  

Executive Director Shelley Feist said the additional PR resources will help the organization and its supporters at a critical time. “With one in six Americans suffering from foodborne illness each year, food safety is a national priority. To effectively teach kids proper food safety habits, educators, parents and retailers need quality activities for kids that also are fun. With Harvest PR’s support, we will be able to do even more to spread awareness of the new free game.”

The Partnership currently has 25 active contributing partner organizations that represent the country’s leading food industry associations and commodity groups, professional associations in food science, nutrition and health, and consumer groups.