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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Haberman Adds Renewable Energy Client — Biogenic Reagents

Biogenic Reagents, a pioneer in the renewable energy and clean technology categories, has chosen Haberman to handle marketing communications, including messaging, media relations, website redesign, and infographics development for sales and investor outreach.

Biogenic Reagents’ mission is to produce renewable carbon products that perform better and cost less, and have less impact on the environment than conventional products made from coal. The company is helping change the way business is done in a category eager for new alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, and it recently announced the launch of its $30 million advanced biocarbon facility in Marquette, Michigan, the largest in North America.

“Haberman’s thoughtful marketing expertise is delivering results for Biogenic Reagents at a critical time in our company's growth,” said Jim Mennell, CEO, Biogenic Reagents. “The team truly understands how to best express our unique company story through a smart package of marketing assets.”

Headquartered in Minnesota, Biogenic Reagents is a new, privately held company that has developed a versatile carbon platform capable of producing a variety of high-performance carbon products from renewable resources on a commercial scale.

According to multiple studies, including blind side-by-side trials conducted by researchers at Stanford University's Clean Energy Conversions Lab and recent full-scale trials at a Michigan utility, Biogenic Reagents' mercury control product outperforms coal-based products and has demonstrated the ability to reduce mercury emissions from a coal-fired power plant by more than 90 percent. The achievable levels are three times lower than the Environmental Protection Agency's new mercury air toxics standard that will go into effect in early 2015.

Members of the company leadership team include scientific, business and policy experts who have worked for decades in traditional and emerging energy and bio-based products industries. For more, visit the company’s new Haberman-built site,

“We admire Biogenic Reagents’ advancements in renewable energy technology and its potential to positively change environmental impacts from traditional coal-based carbon industries,” said Brian Wachtler, president, Haberman. “The company’s mission corresponds with our agency’s core beliefs, and working with such an accomplished leadership team is an inspiring experience for all of us.”