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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get Creative on Twitter with Video App 'Vine'

          There’s a new app in town and it is bound to add zing to your promotional Twitter strategy.  The new feature ­– an app called Vine – allows users to post 6-second looping videos to their Twitter wall.  The app is currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch.
           Vine was launched this year and companies like MSNBC, NBC News, Al-Monitor, Red Vines brand licorice, and BuzzFeed use the app regularly.
Image from iTunes
          “People should be able to focus on being creative, not on how to use the app,” wrote Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann in a recent blog post.  “Posts on Vine are about abbreviation – the shortened form of something larger.  They're little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life.”
           Vine is indeed an effective instrument for creativity.  Companies can encourage their employees to create their own videos for entertainment.  For example, they can post “behind the scenes” clips from events or company activities, allowing the audience to have an easier time connecting with the brand on a personal level. 
           Vine can be great for introductory videos.  It will give the audience a chance to view a live-action visualization of a product or service.  The addition of music is effective in creating emotion as well.
           Additionally, brands can save money by creating mini commercials.  No longer will the audience need to sit through lengthy ads created for the company YouTube channel.  Now the ads are quick and far more convenient.  This may lead to increased interest in a product launch.  A company can also make “sneak peak” videos for an upcoming product.  Similar to a mini movie trailer, the clips will surely generate audience curiosity.
           Creating instructional videos is another task fit for Vine.  Making how-to clips is a valuable way for marketers to prove that they are the expert source in their field.  The audience will be content with these convenient mini lessons.  During the lessons, you can also provide quick product promotion.
           Click here to see Vine video examples and read the official blog announcement.