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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reasons Strategic Communications Makes Socially Aware Individuals

There are many reasons professionals engage in strategic communications in both their careers and private lives. Many users are looking to social media to develop a strong personal brand and put themselves out there, while others are just interested in connecting with loved ones across state boundaries. While I use social media for a number of reasons, I do know my use of strategic communications has developed me into a more socially aware individual through my exposure to various things.

Becoming a strategic communications guru has allowed me to understand that what I produce to be put online, whether it is a tweet about my day or a blog about a topic I feel strongly about, becomes permanent. Through strategic communications, users must realize that what they are doing online is bigger than themselves. The user-generated content of the online world is permanent and if professionals do not have strategies behind their actions, they will be impacted. Thinking before posting has been a huge lesson of the strategic communications world.

Understanding the use of strategic communications by businesses and media can also develop users into more socially aware citizens because they understand the intent of various individuals. Social awareness of current events can occur through the use of online communications because individuals are more exposed. Being emerged into the “who’s, who” world of Twitter and Linkedin create professionals with a broader span of cultural knowledge.

Because I am utilizing strategic communications in my everyday life, I know of events and controversies before other people, and I am educated as to which publications or networks are trustworthy. I am knowledgeable of current events and the world around me because strategic communications is a platform where sources are posting updates. I honestly feel that those who are strong navigators of the online strategic platforms are able to often speak intelligently about various sides of a debate or issue.

Those who look down upon professionals in the strategic communications world need to understand the huge opportunity social media provides to develop the social awareness of its users. By communicating in a strategic way, users understand that the messages they are reading have a purpose. and therefore know how to intercept them. Through my strong presence in the social media world, I have used what I know about strategic communications to become a knowledgeable, well-spoken professional.  I believe all combatants of these new communication sources must give them another try because there is absolutely nothing wrong with being socially aware
Lindsay Smith
University of Minnesota
Jour 3279
Blog Assignment