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Monday, November 05, 2012

Social Media: Four years ago today

Four years ago today I was working for an international Defense contractor and they asked me to come to Washington D.C. to speak about how social media was changing the way companies communicate. I shared with them how I believed that Barak Obama would win the election based on his use of social media in his campaign.
Of course we know Obama won. The most remarkable thing about that meeting was the response when I shared with this group of HR people that I had started a group on LinkedIn for current employees and alumni of the company. At the time, the group had a little more than 500 members. I wish I could have video taped their response--they freaked out.
They had concern about the branding and moderation of the group and what was being said in the group. As I shared with them, anyone can start a group on LinkedIn. They should be thankful I started the group and that I was showing that they were a leader in engineering and hi-tech recruiting.
Today, I no longer work for that company, but I still manage the LinkedIn page which now has more than 12,000 members! HR folks from the company still aren't using this group to recruit employees!
What I do know is that for companies who are looking to make an impact online, there is still time to develop a presence and grow your business. Is your company ready to make the leap into LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? If you are and you want assistance launching into the world of social media, contact me at RDM Consulting, LLC today.