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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Henry Schafer Partners Retained by JB Benefits & Consulting

JB Benefits & Consulting has retained Henry Schafer Partners for media relations and marketing support. Henry Schafer Partners will help introduce the company’s new advisory business, True Choice Services.

JB Benefits & Consulting, a benefits consulting firm, recently formed True Choice Services, an advisory company providing businesses with a set budget for their employees' healthcare while granting employees empowering choices.

True Choice Services provides educational, transition and consulting services to business owners that substantially reduce the cost of health insurance to employers and their employees. True Choice Services serves more than 100 companies in the metro and Greater Minnesota region.

The company consults businesses about how changing benefits requirements will impact their future profitability and gives practical options for employee health insurance coverage. True Choice Services flips the health insurance model on its head, reducing costs and increasing choice and competition for individual employees.

“True Choice Services offers a disruptive model within the insurance industry. Health coverage is a huge issue for small and mid-sized business owners and their employees. We’re excited to help True Choice reach out to more business owners who are frustrated with the current insurance models,” said Joanne Henry, president of Henry Schafer Partners.