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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lola Red PR grabs new client

Lola Red PR's has a new client, Blackjove, a men's style consulting company started by Carrie Erickson and Leah McMullen.  These women are smart, approachable, create custom wardrobe solutions for their clients and help make a man's life easier.  Amen, right?  

Guys if you are looking for wardrobe assistance this duo gets Lola's highest recommendation.  They can shop for a special event, design a whole new wardrobe, edit what you have, and they promise to make it super easy and successful for you!  These women are not intimidating and want to make sure you look and feel great. Depending on what you need, hourly pricing is $150 or they have service packages.   

Gals, if you have been struggling with your significant other or hubby, Carrie and Leah of Blackjove can help to facilitate an intervention to get your guy styled.  It will save you time and precious energy on arguments.  Overall, money well spent.

You can check them out at or like them at