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Monday, August 13, 2012

MIMA August Event: Our Fair Interactive State

It's the dog days of summer. We're long past the 4th of July, several excruciating weeks away from the Great Minnesota Get Together and months away from the annual MIMA Summit.

Join us on Wednesday, August 15, at Nicollet Island Pavilion for Our Fair Interactive State, a MIMA social event that brings together two of the best things about the North Star State: interactive marketing and foods on sticks.

Step right up to win prizes (from our 2012 Summit speaker's books to a free ticket to the 2012 MIMA Summit), chow some fair foods and hear what we have planned for this year's MIMA Summit.
I know we say this every year, but it's shaping up to be the best Summit yet. Before you find yourself among 1,000 of your closest friends at this year's Summit, we're offering up a little sneak peek of the biggest digital conference in the Midwest, with speakers expounding on eight themes: 
  • Breaking Boundaries: Our conference theme track, with speakers who offer both geek cred and big ideas to impact and inspire every level of your organization.
    • Case Studies: Learning from experience and sharing examples of best practices in social, mobile, measurement and content strategy.
  • Designing Interactive Experiences: Exploring the interconnected topics of user experience, information, interaction and visual design.
  • Digital Paid Media: For when you want to go out into the world, grab people where they are, and bring them back to your online presence. 
  • Digital Workflow: A deep dive into project management strategies and new ways of thinking for all stages of content and platform creation.
  • Emerging Trends: Exposing the ideas that will shape our industry and our world in years to come.
  • Online/Offline Convergence: At the intersection of traditional behavioral analytics and today's digital culture, learning what makes people engaged, how businesses can compete and how to foster engagement both online and offline.
  • Reputation and Influence: Helping you tackle the challenge of managing reputation and cultivating influence in an evolving digital/social marketplace. Or, just come for the beer.

    Register online now.