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Monday, June 18, 2012

New TV Spot From Clarity Coverdale Fury Takes “THANK YOU” To a Whole New Level

There are many ways and reasons to say ‘thank you’…but isn’t it how you say it that really matters? 

Clarity Coverdale Fury set out to answer this question when producing their latest TV spot for Charter Communications, the fourth largest cable provider in the U.S. and a leading broadband communications company.  The message promotes their flexible and easy to use rewards program, LIVE IT WITH CHARTER. The 30-second commercial features a couple thanking each other for common courtesies, only to realize that no one, not even themselves, is able to say “thank you” like Charter.

The new TV spot reinforces Charter’s excellent rewards program and reaches out to their customers to say thanks once again.  “We looked beyond the obvious of "free" and "signing up is easy" to get at how Charter really wanted to connect with their customers. And that is what we leveraged creatively,” said Clarity Coverdale Fury’s Director of Brand Development, Rob Rankin.

The act of saying ‘thanks' is a no-brainer of social etiquette. Very second nature, not very special.  We just pondered the question, 'What if all our mundane, everyday "thank yous" were suddenly compared to Charter's version of conveying appreciation?" said Creative Director Jim Landry.

Clarity Coverdale Fury is a full-service advertising agency in Minneapolis, MN and has been dedicated to helping brands make an emotional connection with consumers for over thirty years. The emotional connector for Charter – “Thank You” – inspires viewers to think about the words and what they mean…and then realize that Charter says it loud and clear.

The spot, which will air in Charter markets throughout the country, is the second commercial in the “thank you” series and the third commercial that has been produced by Clarity Coverdale Fury for the client.