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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monroe Named to MIMA Board of Directors

Bridget Nelson Monroe, Director of Digital & Social Media at Bellmont PartnersPublic Relations, was named to the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association’s (MIMA) Board of Directors. As membership director, Bridget leads membership initiatives for MIMA’s 1,200+ members.

“My membership in MIMA has served me well, and I’m excited to help members, alumni and potential members get the most of their membership experience, too,” Monroe said. “A MIMA membership is the quickest, easiest way for professionals from a number of industries to stay up-to-date on interactive trends.”   

Monroe joined MIMA in January 2011 and has served on the programming committee for the duration of her membership, overseeing session tracks for the annual MIMA Summit.
“Our board, like our marketing community, is driven by the people that work to improve Minnesota’s interactive offering every day,” said MIMA president Tim Brunelle, CEO of Hello Viking. “We’re thrilled to announce that our board has gotten a little bigger, but a lot smarter.”