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Monday, June 11, 2012

Carmichael Lynch Launches New Brand Identity

This venerated shop launched a new brand identity, including a new website, logo and fully reimagined workspace in the agency’s downtown Minneapolis headquarters. The Carmichael Lynch logo mark was the starting point for getting Carmichael Lynch updated for the post-digital 21st century as well as the future to come. Conceptually, the idea was to transform the identity from one associated with nostalgia to one that bravely embarked on a new aesthetic journey with the agency.

Bright, energetic colors were adopted over muted predecessors. Combined with these new colors, patterns infused with motion and spontaneity added life to drab agency walls. The Carmichael Lynch website was overhauled to surface not just some of the work but all of the work since it is through the work that Carmichael Lynch continues to inspire and grow.