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Friday, May 11, 2012

For Farmers, You are what You Grow

Agricultural seed company, SEEDS 2000®, based in Breckenridge, Minnesota, is showing their commitment to farmers and innovation with two new print ads in 2012. The new work, created by advertising agency Clarity Coverdale Fury in Minneapolis, graphically shows how their hybrid seeds become part of the farmer’s life and success. The print ads, which promote SEEDS 2000’s sunflower and corn hybrid seeds, each feature a portrait of a farmer made out of seeds.
Creative Director Jac Coverdale said: “Of course, we wanted the ads to stand out in the category, which tends to show a lot of the same types of images, and make the same product claims. Plus, make the point that SEEDS 2000 has a strong track record of developing hybrids with the success of the grower in mind. Making the portraits of the growers out of the seeds seemed like an honest, and engaging way to do that.”

The two print ads communicate that the company understands a new breed of grower who demands a higher level of genetics. “SEEDS 2000 is a very forward looking company. We wanted to stress that the same level of technology growers have come to trust and use was available in new and innovative varieties. The ads also demonstrate, in a unique way, the importance of these new hybrids to the ongoing success of our growers,” said Group Brand Director at Clarity Coverdale Fury, Gary Hellmer.

The first ad in the series promotes their sunflower hybrids and will run throughout 2012. The second ad will promote their multi-traited corn hybrids and will debut in Fall 2012. To see the work for SEEDS2000 please visit