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Friday, April 13, 2012

Campbell Mithun’s Twitter job application process nets interns from seven different states

Minneapolis ad agency Campbell Mithun used a 13-tweet job application to recruit its summer Lucky 13 interns and announced Friday (the 13th, of course) it has hired eight young professionals hailing from places ranging from California and Texas to Illinois and Guatemala. The Twitter process attracted nearly 400 applicants who registered to post 13 tweets introducing themselves and demonstrating their digital capabilities to the agency (view “L13 Tweet Highlights Reel”).
“We’re looking for digitally savvy, creative employees,” said Debbie Fischer, director of human resources at Campbell Mithun.  “This process reaches that talent pool and allows them to showcase their smarts, their work, their mastery of social media and, quite frankly, their sense of humor.  It’s quite impressive -- our industry has a very bright future.”
Campbell Mithun piloted the process last year, and added in 2012 a layer of analytics to capture the scope both of the Twitter engagement and of the recruitment effort itself.  The numbers tell a great story:
·        380 applicants applied vs. typical response of 150 by traditional means
·        Applicants represented 33 states, 16 countries and 103 colleges/universities
·        Applicants could track their Twitter profile as compared to others
·        During the 13 days of tweeting, more than 4,400 #L13 tweets appeared
·        More than 20 employees served on the agency’s “Twitter Response Team” to monitor and respond to the #L13 application tweets
Introducing the 2012 Lucky 13 Interns

Campbell Mithun welcomes the following young professionals to the agency this summer (view profiles): 
1.      Dennis Bukowski (@DennisBukowski), art director, University of Nebraska
2.      Laura Fitzpatrick (@_Lfitzpatrick_), account planning, University of Minnesota
3.      Marlena Jordan-Childress (@LenaChild), media, University of Minnesota
4.      Cody Levin (@CodyLevin), account planning, University of St. Thomas
5.      Sofia Morales (@sofiml2), account management, University of North Carolina
6.      Laura Romer (@rahrahromer), copywriter, University of Texas, Austin
7.      Michael Santee (@MichaelSantee), media, Drake University
8.      Amy Zhong, media, University of California – Berkeley (Amy joins the team via the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program)
Three of the new interns shared their reflections about applying via Twitter in a blog post.  Excerpts follow:
Laura Romer: “I found the idea of applying for a creative internship through Twitter incredibly intriguing…It forced me to figure out who I was, and effectively and succinctly send that message.”
Sofia Morales:  “This process allowed me to assess my abilities and share them with others in a way that would be impossible through a cover letter or a resume. With the only guideline being tweeting 13 times, I had the liberty to let my imagination loose.”
Laura Fitzpatrick: “The best and worst thing about the process was being able to see the tweets from all the phenomenal applicants…You may be surprised, but applicants complimented, helped, and pushed each other to succeed.”
The Lucky 13 interns will work on agency account teams representing their specific discipline: art direction, copywriting, account planning, account management or media.  They also will work together on a summer case study project, which in 2012 will serve nonprofit agency Cornerstone
Cause Marketing Overlay
Cornerstone won the pro bono marketing campaign via social-media vote as part of a cause-marketing effort that was new to the Lucky 13 program in 2012:  Campbell Mithun invited thirteen nonprofit organizations funded by Greater Twin Cities United Way to compete via social-media vote to win the marketing support.
In a blog about the process, Cornerstone communications specialist Andi Granmoe said: “We were a little nervous since a couple of [the other nonprofit causes] had quite a few more Twitter followers and Facebook friends than we did. If we wanted to win, we knew that we had to ramp up our use of social media.”