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Monday, December 05, 2011

Website vs. Blog: What’s the difference?

Website vs. Blog: What’s the difference? It’s crucial for companies to have both a company website as well as a blog. The two compliment one another. The website is a place where consumers go to get a basic overview of a company whereas the blog is the where they learn more in depth about what your company is doing —the question then becomes how to differentiate what gets published on the website and what gets published on the blog?

A companies website is crucial to their online presence. It’s the first thing that consumers will turn to when searching for your company online. Use your website in a way to introduce yourself to your consumers. Your website should publish content that goes over who you are as a company and what products and/or services you offer. As well as your companies’ history, values, mission statement, and so on.

A companies blog is much different then their website. A blog is a place where consumers can go to, to find out more information about who are and what you are doing. Instead of providing them with the generic information (as would be found on your website), you would provide them with:
  • Consumer testimonies about how great your product is, 
  • Reviews from critics, 
  • Prestigious awards that you won, 
  • Events you are planning 
  • Charities that you are sponsoring,
  • Or introducing them to a new hire within your company
Blogs use a more personal approach. The key here is to write stories that your consumers can relate to. For examples of exceptional blogs, click here. A company website and blog are very much similar in that they are producing content that informs their consumers. The major difference between the two is the approach (generic vs. personal) in which they do so. Remember this simple tip and you are set to go!

Sadie Frauendienst
University of Minnesota
Jour 3279
Blog Assignment