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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Campbell Mithun Launches “Every ONE Counts” 2011 United Way Campaign

Campbell Mithun has donated an integrated campaign to support Greater Twin Cities United Way’s annual campaign which has the theme “Every ONE Counts.”  The work shows the power of ONE – one dollar, one donor, one donation – to make a one-by-one difference for real people in need. The work marks the seventh campaign donated by Campbell Mithun in support of United Way.
“Times may be tough, but people still like to help and may not know that even small donations can have a big effect,” said Reid Holmes, executive creative director at Campbell Mithun.  “The message here quantifies that a weekly latte can become family meals; a weekly pizza can turn into books; one less round of golf per week can actually get children to the doctor.”
A digital video supports the workplace campaign and joins the following program assets to spread the “Every ONE Counts” message:
Media placements were secured by Haworth Media and were allocated across online (60%), out-of-home (30%) and radio (10%) channels.  The work runs into the beginning of November.
Ernst and Young managing partner and 2011 United Way campaign chair John Wilgers says monies raised in the annual campaign will be used to address the most pressing needs in the Twin Cities nine-county region served by United Way. In 2010, the campaign raised $87 million.