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Friday, August 05, 2011

Take an eight-day trip to Belize with me

In April I decided to go on an eight-day trip to Central America with a group from my church.

At first I was hesitant because I thought I may be starting a new job. But my wife really encouraged me to consider going. Because as she said "if not now, when?"

So here I am, 14-months into unemployment, and I have decided to travel to Belize for an 8-day adventure. I am going with a team of 10 guys and we'll be working to build relationships with the local men and encourage them in their roles as fathers, husbands and leaders in their community.

I leave early Friday morning and will be returning the evening of Friday, August 12. Although I'll be surrounded by alligator-infested waters and tropical beaches, I'll still be blogging! If you want to follow the progress of my trip, you can do so on our church blog:

For those of you interested in posting jobs while I'm away, you can find KaryD on twiiter or e-mail her here at

See you in a week!