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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mall of America® appoints two new vice presidents

Mallof America® is pleased to announce the appointment of two new vice presidents; Jeff Hoke now holds the title Vice President of Marketing and Dan Jasper holds the title Vice President of Public Relations.
JeffHoke’s career at the Mall began in 1995 within the tenant relations and retail merchandise departments. Ever since then he has assumed the role of creative director as well as marketing director for Mall of America. Hoke is known as the creator of the MOA logo and has worked hard over the years to build brand awareness of the Mall’s nick name. Hoke’s accomplishments over the past 16 years have been astounding and the Mall is now honored to call him their Vice President of Marketing.
Dan Jasper joined Mall of America in 2006 coming from marketing and public relations department in the senior healthcare industry for the previous 25 years. Jasper and his team generate at least $400 million in free publicity for MOA annually. He is also responsible for crisis communications management, building strong national, regional and local media connections, promoting special events and business initiatives, and acting as main spokesperson. Jasper works constantly to promote and protect the Mall of America brand. He has done a remarkable job over the years well deserving this new title as Vice President of Public Relations.