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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Business Marketing Association - B2B Marketing Goes Mobile

Panel discussion will provide insight on next decade’s mobile marketing strategies and tactics

Mobile devices and applications have transformed our personal lives and are quickly transforming our business lives. On Aug. 11, the Minnesota chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA-Minnesota) will host a panel discussion on how to successfully add mobile technology to B2B marketing campaigns.

The panel will feature the leaders of two Twin Cities-based mobile companies: Dan Grigsby, Founding Partner of Drivetrain and Anders Davidson, CEO of Mobile On Services. Together the panel will:

• Share statistics on the adoption rate of mobile technology, including SMS (texting), MMS (video), mobile email, IVR (voice), mobile web advertising and mobile web sites
• Discuss the ROI of leveraging mobile as a new media channel
• Discuss how B2B marketers can integrate mobile into their marketing mix
• Discuss the effectiveness of specific mobile tactics
• Debate the benefits and challenges associated with building applications for smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices

According to a recent study, mobile is the third most used media channel, with consumers using this technology an average of 13.1 hours per week. "The adoption of smart phones and mobile applications continues to grow at a tremendous pace, and while it is pervasive in B2C, it is also infiltrating into the B2B space,” said Grigsby. “Our role is to provide the information marketing professionals need to convey the importance of mobile, and help them execute mobile tactics as part of an integrated campaign,” added Davidson.

Register online now.