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Friday, June 17, 2011

Tunheim Launches New Agency Brand And Focus With “Live” Business Cards

Tunheim is launching its new agency identity with a decidedly social and tech twist. The agency’s new logo comes in several forms, one of which is a QR code, a two-dimensional bar code that allows smart phone users to quickly access content on the Internet. The Tunheim branded QR Code is being unveiled on all of the agency’s new business cards.

The Tunheim branded QR code allows anyone with a smart phone to scan the new integrated logo and be immediately linked to timely content, which will be updated regularly.

Integrating the Tunheim logo into a QR code to create a “live business card” was the brainchild of Tunheim’s new creative director, Patrick Milan.

“We wanted to demonstrate that Tunheim has expanded its expertise and creativity to social and online media as well as brand strategy and marketing,” said Milan . “It makes a statement on our calling card, and, of course, offers our clients and prospects the opportunity to link to thought-provoking content.”

The introductory content linked to Tunheim’s live business cards is a video that begins in Tokyo . One of Tunheim’s agency network partners, who is based in Japan , explains that QR codes were created by Toyota in 1994. The video includes appearances from agency founder and CEO Kathy Tunheim and Executive Vice President Blois Olson, and goes on to show how QR codes are being used effectively in marketing and communications campaigns across Asia, Europe and North America .

Milan, who served as a managing partner of Fallon Worldwide’s integrated marketing practice prior to joining Tunheim, says future content will range from highlights of monthly consumer focus groups to agency points of view across such diverse areas as business-to-business marketing, retail consumer issues, public affairs and all areas of branding.