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Monday, June 06, 2011

Business Optimization Company Selects Spyglass Creative to Develop Brand for New Market

Spyglass Creative announced today that logistics company Group O has selected the branding agency to rebrand and reposition its line of marketing optimization platform services.

The Illinois‐based Group O serves Fortune 1000 companies needing to create cost‐effective and efficient business optimization and analytics solutions around the world. Spyglass is applying its proprietary branding process to help the company introduce its services to clients in a new market:
direct response marketing.

O2, Group O’s marketing service, is working with top companies in the telecommunications and health care sectors to deploy large scale direct response campaigns and intelligent optics to acquire and retain customers. O2 is poised to be recognized as the company that has revolutionized the workflow of direct
response marketing by providing a simplified solution that brings transparency, visibility, accountability and efficiency to the entire lifecycle.

“We are bringing O2 through our Brand FastForward™ process, allowing them to move through rebranding strategically and efficiently,” says Molly Rice, Spyglass’s CEO. “We’re helping O2 move forward with confidence thanks to a strong, well‐researched action plan as it expands into new markets.”

Spyglass has honed its unique Brand FastForward™ process with more than 140 companies during the past decade. The program is rooted in research, highly collaborative and fast‐paced, typically running 10to 12 weeks from research to implementation.

O2 will begin deploying its newly rebranded optimization program in early June to capitalize on opportunities with marketing groups. “We’re in the middle of the process now, and I can honestly say that Spyglass has left no stone unturned. From big‐picture items to what we originally thought were less important details, the Spyglass team continually provides a valuable outside perspective and finely
tuned lens on our business,” says Murad Velani, President and Chief Operating Officer for Group O. “We need fresh eyes on our marketing strategy as we move the target in a new sector. I’ve seen no one provide branding expertise as extensively and affordably as Spyglass.”