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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Twitter Turns Five - Why only 140 Characters?

On March 19, 2011, the social networking site Twitter turns five. Currently 200 million users send more than 100 million tweets each day. Issac Biz Stone, one of Twitter co-founders, talked to NPR about the popular social media as Twitter turns five.

The first question coming up was “why 140 characters,” which have been around our head. “The limit internationally for text messages is 160 characters,” said Stone. So where are the other 20 characters? “We needed to reserve room for the name of the author of tweet,” Stone explained. “So we decided to standardize on 140 characters. That way, you can read and write tweets in their entirety or any mobile phone on the planet.”

Stone has very positive and bright view of the social media. Also, his optimistic view is based on believing in people’s ability. “People basically good, they’re basically smart, and when given a simple tool that allows them to express that, they’ll prove it to you every single day.”

So, if you have been used Twitter, what does it mean to you? At the moment as I had started Twitter three years ago, I was very confused of it because it was too simple. It sounds very ironic. However, after fully understanding of Twitter features, it is hard to get out of it. I check Twitter at least three times a day.
Twitter is mingled with every aspect of society, such as politics, literature, health, art, marketing and so on. One of followers recommends music; one of them argues about Libya issue; one of them prays for Japan; one of them talks that he went to BWW. We can share our idea, life, and feeling through Twitter. So, what does Twitter mean to you? Please follow me @yeonars and tweet your answer. Then, next posting will be your answers that I have collected.

Yeonah Nam
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