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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MNPR Blog is eight-years-old and counting. Now I need your help - #HireMeHoneywell

February marks the eighth year of the MNPR Blog. When I started blogging it was a foreign concept to many in the PR Profession. In fact this blog was the sixth PR blog in the world.

When I created the MNPR Blog, I was doing it as much for my personal development as professional development. There have been times where I have considered throwing in the towel, but I am glad that I have kept it going.

In the last eight years I have never asked my readers for anything, but today that changes. I have applied for a position as a Communications and Social Media Manager at Honeywell. I am convinced that this position is the one I have been waiting for. Now all I need to do is convince Honeywell that I am the one for the job.

That is where you come in. Today I am launching a #HireMeHoneywell campaign on Twitter. My hope is that you will help me Tweet and ReTweet posts on why Honeywell should hire me.

You can help me by Tweeting  a message including @MNPR and #HireMeHoneywell, posting a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile, commenting below or sending me an e-mail - and I will post it to my #HireMeHoneywell landing page.