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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrate Acadamy Awards Advertisements that Add Value to Our World

Annual Academy Awards, to be held February 27, will feature the best glitz, glamour and filmmaking talent that Hollywood has to offer. But the Oscars also feature a hefty price tag for advertisers: $1.7 million for a 30 second spot. The ADD or DELETE initiative (created by Haberman, a Minneapolis media + marketing firm) is seeking submissions of the advertising or marketing campaigns that ADD the most value during the Academy Awards, via the ADD or DELETE Facebook page.
“There are tremendous opportunities for brands to engage with social causes in ways that pay off for brand equity, consumer loyalty and ongoing societal benefit,” said Fred Haberman, co-founder and CEO of Haberman. “We’re hoping that the Academy Awards offer a stage for promoting marketing campaigns that ADD to our world, through ads, socially-conscious celebrities, charitable events and more.”
The ADD or DELETE initiative encourages companies to redirect 5% of the $500 billion global annual ad spend to promoting solutions to social causes, such as uniting neighbors to fight local problems, advocating for healthier food options or promoting clean drinking water for all.
Haberman launched ADD or DELETE in advance of Super Bowl XLV, which has provided fertile ground for anti- and pro-advertising commentary and consumer outrage at ads that were more offensive or sophomoric than entertaining or inspiring, including Groupon and others. The Oscars, likely second only to the Super Bowl in ad dollars sold, tends to feature more civil ads, with the program’s guests setting the tone.
“Celebrities historically have utilized the Academy Awards as a place to raise awareness for a wide variety of social issues,” continues Haberman. “ADD or DELETE encourages advertisers to use their creative talents to unite brands with relevant causes.”
Anyone may post videos, ads, marketing stunts or charitable events associated with the Academy Awards to the ADD or DELETE Facebook page: Other fans of the page will then be able to share their opinions about whether or not these efforts ADD or should be DELETED. Hundreds of marketing executives and consumers – including advocates from more than 20 nations – have already joined the movement.